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Procurement Services | Design and Construction Procurement

Bids and Contract Awards

Whether you offer general contracting, plumbing, demolition removal services — or any of the various disciplines that support architectural-engineering (AE) and public works services, your business can become a vital resource and partner to OC Public Works.  Procurement Services is the only agency authorized to acquire AE and public works services on behalf of the County of Orange. Overseeing the purchase of all goods, services and required work vital to the operation of the department is its primary mission. This includes the management of vendor selection, establishment of payment terms and contract selection and negotiation.

  • To submit for County of Orange solicitations, please register with as a County supplier.
  • To view current County of Orange solicitations, please use the following link:
  • The Board of Supervisors has adopted the Orange County Local Small Business Preference Policy effective January 1, 2020, and the Disabled Veteran Business Enterprise Preference Policy effective January 1, 2021. For more information on these policies and how they could benefit you, please click the following link:
  • To review detailed information on formal contract awards ($200,000 and above), see the County of Orange Board of Supervisors Meetings & Agendas web page.
  • Contract award results are sent to bidders through a "Notice of Intent to Award." Results may also be reviewed by logging in to your BidSync account.


Architect-Engineer Services

Procured under the Contract Policy Manual.

Architecture – Engineering On-Call Disciplines List picture_as_pdf

For questions regarding Architect-Engineer Services, please contact OCPW Supervising Contract Specialist Daisy Corona.

Orange County Public Works

Procured under the Contract Policy Manual.

For questions regarding Public Works, please contact OCPW Supervising Contract Specialist Jennifer Mason.

For questions regarding bid solicitations, please contact OCPW Procurement Contract Administrator Albert Rodriguez.

Current RFP and RFQ Listings

OC Public Works, procuring on behalf of John Wayne Airport, is now seeking a qualified Construction Manager at Risk Entity (CMARE) to provide preconstruction services and complete construction services for the Terminal Electrical Distribution Upgrades project (RFQ-080-2385801-JM) at John Wayne Airport.

Contractors with a California General Engineering (A) Contractor License are invited to submit a Statement of Qualification. Submissions will be evaluated to identify highly qualified contractors which may then be invited to participate in the Request for Proposals (RFP) process.

Review the solicitation now by creating a free account at:

Schedule Activities  


RFQ Advertisement 

April 4, 2023 

RFQ Pre-submittal Conference at 10 a.m.   

April 19, 2023 

RFQ Q&A ends at 2 p.m. PT  

April 28, 2023  

SOQ’s due before 2 p.m. PT  

May 3, 2023  

RFP released to shortlisted Respondents  

May 31, 2023  

RFP Pre-proposal Conference at TBD  

June 7, 2023  

RFP Q&A ends at 2 p.m. PT   

June 21, 2023  

Proposals due before 2 p.m. PT  

June 28, 2023  


• This project will be funded in part by Federal Aviation Administration Airport Improvement Program grant funds and applicable federal requirements will apply.

• Utilizing firms owned and controlled by socially and economically disadvantaged persons is an overall goal for airport projects. To learn more about the program for Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), visit:

* * * * * 


The RFQ method is used primarily for establishing capacity contracts through a qualification-based selection of professional A-E services when future services are necessary from numerous firms for an undefined project scope of services as required by A-Es of the same or similar discipline. A RFQ will be advertised and firms will submit a Statement of Qualifications (SOQ).

Establishment of the Qualified Vendor List and On-Call Contracts

The firm is required to submit a Statement of Qualifications  (SOQ) in response to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). A minimum score is established as a pass point for respondents to qualify for inclusion in the QVL. An evaluation panel scores the respondents SOQs with all responsive SOQs meeting the minimum pass point will be included in the QVL. The highest scored respondents may, at the discretion of the evaluation panel and based on the County needs, be invited for interviews for determining which firms will be recommended for on-call contracts with specific dollar amounts. The Director may use the QVL for various services as required. The QVL is typically solicited at least once every three to five years to give additional firms an opportunity to participate.

The QVL may also be utilized as the first step of the two-step process defined as a Request for Proposal. An invitation to submit proposals on a specific scope of work can be sent to all vendors within the QVL and the proposals will be evaluated based on the established criteria set forth in the invitation.

The QVL may also be utilized as the first step of the two-step process defined in Section 3.3-105(3) od the Design and Construction Policy Manual (DCPM). An invitation to submit proposals on a specific scope of work can be sent to all vendors within the QVL and the proposals will be evaluated based on the established criteria set forth in the invitation to submit a technical proposal and may be required to submit a price proposal. Proposals by all firms are evaluated by an evaluation panel based on criteria outlined in the RFP. The evaluation panel scores the proposals at which point final price negotiations may begin with the firm having the highest evaluation rating. The contract may be awarded to one firm for project specific services or for repetitive services that may be required over the term of the contract. The selection and award of these contracts will require approval by the Board of Supervisors when exceeding the DCPM Section 3.3-102 thresholds.

Design and Construction Procurement Policy Manual

Contract Policy Manual

Please visit the county OC Procurement website for the latest Contract Policy Manual.