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2021 Accomplishments

Oso Parkway Bridge

The following is a  list of notable accomplishments picture_as_pdf for OC Public Works (OCPW) for 2021 (January--December ). Also included below is a comprehensive list of accomplishments spanning all OCPW service areas for the year. 


COVID-19: Operation Independence Vaccination Super Points of Distribution (PODs) and Countywide Support

  • Provided support for the 5-month County effort to set up and manage multiple COVID-19 vaccination Super PODs, including Public Information, Planning, and Logistics sections, volunteer staff at POD sites, and delivery drivers.
  • Designed and installed protective measures at County office locations, such as protective barriers and hands-free equipment.
  • Supported OC Health Care Agency (HCA) in deployment of mobile hospital units throughout the county.
  • Provided disinfection services for County work locations.

2021 Coastal Oil Spill

  • Coordinated with multiple partner organizations, including CA Dept. of Fish and Wildlife, U.S. Coast Guard, Huntington State Beach, Cities of Newport Beach and Huntington Beach, Army Corps of Engineers, Huntington Beach Conservancy and others, to minimize environmental impacts.
  • Established large sand berms across Santa Ana River outlet and Talbert Channel outlet to prevent further spread of oil spill in sensitive marsh areas and other inland areas through tidal movement.
  • Monitored environmental conditions of inland waters and coordinated efforts to protect biological resources.
  • Deployed pumps to aerate water in order to increase dissolved oxygen that safeguarded marine life.
  • Staff representation at the County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).

Bond Fire Burn Area Debris Flow Preparation and Response 

  • Coordinated with the Third District office and Unified Command partners (OC Sheriffs Department, OC Fire Authority, others) for preparations and response activities for significant mud and debris flows in Silverado, Modjeska, and Williams Canyons.
  • Activated personnel and heavy equipment during multiple rain and debris flow events in early and late 2021, removing thousands of cubic yards of materials from the area to maintain public access to County roadways.
  • Deployed Building and Safety staff personnel to inspect affected homes and provided permit assistance for property owners.
  • Coordinated and hosted the multi-agency debris flow coordination public town hall meeting for canyon residents.

Oso Parkway Bridge

  • Completed construction of the $40 million project on behalf of the Transportation Corridor Agencies (TCA) that improves mobility and connectivity in south Orange County, diverting traffic from congested surface streets, and providing improved access to areas such as Rancho Mission Viejo, Ladera Ranch, Mission Viejo, Rancho Santa Margarita, and other areas.

Yale Navigation Center

  • Completed construction and received Certificate of Occupancy of the County’s new homeless assistance and navigation facility located in Santa Ana.

County Administration North (CAN)

  • Completed underground parking structure and the building’s steel structure.

East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel Improvement Project

  • Completed installation of over 16,000 linear feet of steel sheet piles between Warner Avenue and Goldenwest Street in Huntington Beach.

OC Public Libraries Renovation Projects

  • Completed major renovation projects of four County public libraries: Cypress Library, El Toro Library, Rancho Santa Margarita Library, and Westminster Library.

Santiago Canyon Road Safety Improvements Project

  • Completed this significant corridor safety improvement project that included high-friction surface treatment, upgraded roadway caution signs, upgraded and new guardrails, and enhanced bikeway buffer.

OC Loop Bikeway, Segment H

  • Completed segment that spans areas of Yorba Linda and Anaheim.

Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Approval

  • Received Board of Supervisors approval of CIP valued at $1 billion for flood capital and maintenance, road capital and maintenance, external road projects, bikeways, parks, and library projects.

American Public Works Association (APWA) Reaccreditation

  • Earned reaccreditation confirming OCPW compliance with recommended practices set in the Public Works Management Practices Manual for industry policies and procedures.
  • OCPW is one of only five CA county agencies to receive APWA accreditation.

Project Delivery Manual

  • Following a multi-month collaborative effort across OCPW service areas, produced the department’s first Project Delivery Manual that serves as a written guide to align horizontal and vertical project processes Countywide.

New AiM Asset Management Solution

  • Launched the new AiM asset management platform, the AssetWorks enterprise business solution that is creating one master index of all capital and maintenance lifecycle costs.
  • Implemented AiM platform with two OCPW service areas and OC Sheriff’s Department with remainder of OCPW and other County departments slated for 2022.

Local Drainage Manual Approval

  • Received Board of Supervisors approval for updated manual, delivering a complete overhaul of the document used as the basis of design for local drainage improvements in unincorporated County areas and many cities in design of their drainage facilities.

  • Launched revamped department safety program and task force, with increased use of OC Safety platform, updated policies and procedures documents, new safety trainings for staff, and creation of the department’s safety coin to increase safety awareness.
  • Completed annual OCPW facilities safety inspections, which included facilities, operations, and record keeping.


COVID-19 Pandemic Response

  • Supported and implemented County policies & procedures to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Created “Safe Return to Work” COVID-19 safety measures manual for County staff.
  • Implemented numerous COVID-19 safety measures:
    • Modifications to County Administration South (CAS) Building lobby, conference rooms, breakrooms, lunchroom, and collaboration areas
    • Installed signs and floor markers promoting COVID-19 safety measures
    • Distributed sanitizing products to all CAS staff


Bond Fire Burn Area Emergency Prep and Response

  • Coordinated and hosted multi-agency public town hall meeting to provide overview of storm season/debris flow preparations.

  • Coordinated responses to resident inquiries.

  • Prepared and distributed public notifications for Kitterman Drive bridge maintenance (Silverado Canyon).

  • Coordinated with County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) staff on public information announcements.

Projects and Initiatives Support

  • Produced and distributed thousands of public notification materials and created social media announcements for over 25 projects and key initiatives, including:

Road Projects

  • OC Loop Bikeway, Segment H Project
  • Active Transportation Program Community Workshops
  • Newland Street-Hazard Avenue Traffic Signal Upgrade Project
  • North Tustin Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Curb Ramp Upgrades Project
  • Midway City ADA Curb Ramp Upgrades Project
  • Crawford Canyon Road Sidewalk Extension Project
  • Gilbert Street Rail Crossing Improvement Project (Anaheim)
  • Kellogg Drive Sidewalk Gap Closure Project (Yorba Linda)
  • Unincorporated Anaheim Streets Resurfacing Project
  • Katella Avenue Resurfacing Project (Anaheim)
  • Rossmoor Resurfacing and Slurry Seal Projects
  • Ladera Ranch Resurfacing Project
  • Fairhaven-Foothill Resurfacing Project (North Tustin)
  • Panorama Heights Resurfacing Project (North Tustin)
  • Santa Ana Avenue Bridge Maintenance Project
  • East Tustin Remedial Street Repairs / Surface Treatment Project
  • Santiago Canyon Road Bridge Maintenance Project
  • North Tustin Sidewalks/Curbs/Gutters Maintenance Project

Flood Control Projects

  • East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel Improvements Project
  • Huntington Beach Channel/Talbert Channel Sheet Pile Repair Project (including public meeting)
  • Santa Ana River Outlet Annual Maintenance Project
  • Talbert Channel Outlet Maintenance Project
  • Laguna Canyon Channel Replacement Project
  • Santa Ana Gardens Channel Improvement Project
  • Walnut Canyon Channel Improvement Project
  • Kempton Channel Improvement Project
  • Richfield Channel Improvement Project

County Facilities

  • County Administration North (CAN) Building Project

Public Records

  • 1,424: Public Records Act (PRA) requests processed, a 52 percent increase from 2020.
  • 3,260: Records received and processed for storage at the County Records Center.

Board of Supervisors Meeting Support

  • 132: Agenda Staff Reports submitted for Board of Supervisors approval.

Media Relations

  • Participated in interviews with television, radio, print, and online news media regarding mud and debris flow events in Bond Fire burn area.

  • Participated in seven other interviews with print and online news media regarding various OCPW projects and initiatives.

Key Initiatives Support

  • Designed Department’s first Project Delivery Manual in coordination with department subject matter experts.
  • Expanded public awareness of the County’s 2021 Housing Element Update.
  • Promoted the 2021 H2O for HOAs, a multi-agency water education initiative for homeowner associations.

Website / Social Media

  • Perform ongoing website page updates for key projects and announcements.
  • Increased number of OCPW’s social media followers who receive announcements regarding projects, events, services, and emergency response efforts:
    • Facebook: 4,005 to 4,181 followers
    • Twitter: 4,047 to 4,220 follower
    • Instagram: 891 to 1,152 followers

Training and Safety

  • Established Department Safety Program & Task Force, including core objectives, policies, procedures, and workplace safety programs such as the department’s safety coin.
  • Produced seven new e-learning courses for staff through the Eureka training system.
  • Processed 253 Educational Professional Reimbursement Program for staff completing additional education and training.

Policies & Procedures Analysis & Updates

  • Updated 61 Policy & Procedure documents and uploaded to IntraOCPW intranet portal for staff access.
  • Established a team of department subject matter experts and completed a review of over 70 Administrative P&P's for general cleanup and to identify additional P&P needs for the department.
  • Achieved objective of tightening internal controls and promoting efficiency.

American Public Works Association (APWA) Re-Accreditation

  • Successfully earned re-accreditation from national industry organization that recognizes public works agencies that go beyond the requirements of management practices established nationally in the public works industry.
  • Coordinated re-accreditation materials across all OCPW service areas that included over 600 supporting documents.

  • $201.5 million: Value of infrastructure projects for which OC Construction managed construction and materials testing:

Flood Control Projects

  • Fullerton Creek Channel Improvements ($50M total)
  • East Garden Grove Wintersburg Channel Improvements ($78.7M)
  • Huntington Beach Channel / Talbert Channel Improvements ($62.7M)

Road Projects

  • Santa Ana and University Drainage, Pavement Improvement and Community Park Project ($1.9M (park transferred to City of Costa Mesa)
  • Santiago Canyon Road Safety Improvements ($2.6M)

Bikeway Projects

  • OC Loop El Cajon Bikeway Segment H (Yorba Linda/Anaheim) ($2.6M)

OC Parks Projects

  • Muth Amphitheater Remodel Project (inspection services, $500,000)
  • Tri-City Fitness Equipment (inspection services, $280,000)

CEO-Sponsored Projects

  • Constructed El Toro 20-acre equipment storage yard ($2.2M).
  • Construction management of Orange County Public Work’s first 2 Design-Build projects (East Garden Grove-Wintersburg Channel project and Huntington Beach Channel Talbert Channel project)

  • Over 4,000: Tests performed on soils, aggregates, Portland cement concrete, and asphalt concrete.
  • 44: Projects for which OC Construction performed quality assurance testing, including three city projects and 11 Rancho Mission Viejo projects.
  • 26: Projects completed via Job Order Contracts (JOC) ($8.5M).
  • 24: Pavement maintenance projects completed via JOC ($16.6M).
  • 1: Traffic Signal Maintenance projects completed via JOC ($560K).
  • Provided testing services to the City of Costa Mesa for three federally funded projects.
  • Signed a cooperative agreement with the City of Santa Ana to provide testing services.

  • Maintained continuous, uninterrupted permitting service to customers throughout the COVID-19 pandemic with permit activity consistent with 2020 numbers, including:
    • 3,638 Planning reviews
    • 9,888 Issued permits and revisions
    • 12,092 Plan check reviews
    • 24,350 Customer portal inquiries and requested changes
    • 33,331 Building inspections
    • $11,958,869 Fees collected on issued permits
    • $301,796,359 Total valuation of new construction permits


  • Played critical role in completion of major projects:
    • Yale Shelter Project: Seismic retrofit and mezzanine addition in existing manufacturing building to create a transitional center for the homeless
    • Anita Behavioral Health Campus: New 3-story building to support behavioral health that consists of Crisis Stabilization, Sobering Unit, Referrals, Wellness Social Services, and Residential
    • St. Michaels Abbey: Church and crypt (21,959 sq. ft.), monastery (55,925 sq. ft.) with covered walkway (6226 sq. ft.). Guest wing and administration offices (28,565 sq. ft.) with covered walkway (6391 sq. ft.)


  • Senate Bill (SB) 9 Urban Lot Split: Completed urban lot split parcel map application submittal via the portal along with public information checklist and submittal summary information.
  • Accelerated Plan Check Review: Implemented process for general community customers in order to expedite their plan check review timeframe.
  • Land Management System (LMS): Completed additional online services enhancements to LMS, including new fee estimator and payment of invoices.
  • Cross Training: Completed cross training for Permit Technicians on simple land use/planning reviews for permits to help expedite reviews on express type permits. Planning Plan Check reviews.


  • $804,605: Amount expected to be received from the State’s Unclaimed Gas Tax fund due to meeting the five-year average maintenance of effort (MOE) in resource allocation to support Orange County’s local agricultural industry and for the protection of residents and the environment from the use of pesticides.

Weights and Measures

  • 176,106: Weighing and measuring devices registered at 603 gasoline stations.
  • 30,574: Registered weighing and measuring devices inspected at 460 gasoline stations.
  • 4,276: Retail checkout locations (with price scanners) registered.
  • 1,155: Registered retail locations inspected to verify consumers pay the advertised or posted price.
  • Over $120,000: Cost recovery that resulted from three consumer protection investigations, ensuring that the measurement standards, fuel quality and pricing of goods exist for value comparison and fair competition for consumers. OC District Attorney office’s consumer protection trust fund also received $25,000.
    • Worked closely the OCDA’s office related to fuel contamination at a local gas station, overcharges occurring at JC Penney, and electric bill overcharges to county citizens

Pesticide Use Enforcement

  • 3,466: Pesticide use safety inspections conducted on various types of firms, including pest control businesses, identifying 265 safety violations.
  • 51: Pesticide related investigations conducted in response to complaints of pesticide misuse or pesticide human exposures.
  • Collaborated with the CA Department of Pesticide Regulation and five additional counties in a case against a company that manufactured and sold an herbicide product marketed as organic and non-toxic. Product formulation sampling revealed presence of conventional, non-organic, pesticide ingredients. The case is under consideration with the State and EPA.

Integrated Pest Management

  • Over $62,000: Grant awarded from the CA Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) for control of emergent noxious weeds that could pose a risk to sensitive habitats.
  • 1.4 million square feet (75 parcels): Area of private and County-owned property for weed abatement activities to reduce the risk and property loss caused by wildfires.
  • Over 230 miles: Residential roadways in unincorporated county areas where OCPW eliminated the application of herbicides and implemented a weed steaming program.
  • Exceeded all National Pollution Discharge Elimination System permit related water quality testing as part of an Aquatic Pesticide Application Plan administered by State and Regional Water Quality Control Boards.

Agricultural Services

  • 59,669: Incoming plant shipments from other states and countries inspected at shipping distribution centers and plant nurseries in the county.
    • Inspectors issued 187 Notice of Rejections and intercepted 203 pests of economic importance to our agricultural industry and natural environment.
  • Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM): Following years of coordination with agriculture industry, University of California and other stakeholders to detect, delimit and measure the impact of LBAM in California, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) reclassified LBAM as a non-quarantine pest and removed it from quarantine.
    • This brings successful conclusion of an eradication/management program that was a long-standing partnership with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), CDFA, and the OC Agricultural Commissioner’s Office and will allow for commercial plant material to move unimpeded throughout the United States.


Mitigation Program

  • Haster Basin Recreational Field Project Mitigation: Received U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Board approval acknowledging final performance criteria for the compensatory mitigation project have been met.
    • Installation of mitigation site was completed in February 2014 and includes 0.20 acre of seasonal wetland, 0.27 acres of basin wetland, 0.67 acres of wetland/mesic riparian habitat, and 0.67 acre of xeric riparian habitat. The least tern, a federal and State endangered bird species, has been observed at the basin.
  • La Pata Avenue Extension Off-Site Mitigation: Received a Commendation Award in the category of Water Resources by the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) for mitigation project in Arroyo Trabuco Creek, contributing to the restoration of over 16 acres of riparian habitat and transforming it into a healthy, functioning riverine system.

Integrated Regional Water Management

  • Integrated Regional Water Management Implementation Grant Program Funding: A stakeholder-driven review and update of project scoring criteria was completed in advance of Proposition 1, Round 2 of program, of which $7,175,543 is allocated for projects in North and Central Orange County.
  • Staff Leadership in the Community: OCPW’s Jenna Voss, who leads the Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) program for the South OC Watershed Management Area, was appointed co-chair of the Roundtable of Regions, a consortium of representatives from IRWM regions around the state.
  • Newport Bay Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Report Cards: Updated report cards were submitted to the State for the Nutrient, Sediment, and Selenium TMDL programs in the Newport Bay watershed, with targets achieved for Sediment and Nutrient TMDLs and improvements made for Selenium TMDL.
  • Newport Bay/San Diego Creek Sediment TMDL: Along with TMDL monitoring and reporting requirement changes, saved labor time and related costs for the County, Orange County Flood Control District and Sediment TMDL Funding Partners through new streamlined method of incorporating required sediment removal activities in conjunction with routine vegetation maintenance requirements for San Diego Creek In-channel Basin 3.

OC Stormwater Program

  • Updated Training: New training approach was launched, with first training on inspection of post-construction best management practices during the construction phase of installation. Training was recorded for on-demand viewing and had 120 attendees from the cities and various service areas within OC Public Works.
  • Monitoring and Reporting Program Elements Completed: Required elements were successfully completed for each core NPDES and TMDL compliance program.
  • Evaluation of the Monitoring and Reporting Program: Evaluation was completed, which is a critical part of the NPDES Stormwater Permit for North Orange County, with the final report and recommendations to be used to improve program effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs): More than 16,000 structural stormwater BMPs have now been inventoried in OC Stormwater Tools, a web-based platform developed to assist municipalities with managing inspection, verification, and maintenance workflows associated with these assets.
    • The platform also enables the performance of an asset to be modeled, allowing municipalities to determine where additional structural water quality strategies may be needed.
  • “Watershed Appreciation” Blog Series: The H2OC team (public education and outreach brand of OC Stormwater Program) developed series of blogs to increase familiarity with county watersheds.
    • First post about Aliso Creek Watershed in March 2021. The H2OC team also partnered with Moulton Niguel Water District to help organize and host the 2021 H2O for HOAs event held at the Lake Forest Community Center on October 19, 2021.

Water Quality Improvement Plan (WQIP) for South Orange County

  • “A” Grades for Beach Water Quality: Received A grades from Heal the Bay for water quality at 88% of Orange County’s 115 monitored beaches during summer dry weather.
    • Orange County beaches earned 10 spots on the organization’s Honor Roll, more than any other county, and had no beaches on the Beach Bummer list.
    • Combination of both structural and non-structural strategies were implemented over the last 15 years for most receiving waters in South Orange County and the reduction in bacteria loading from a baseline period of 2003-- 2007 is estimated to be greater than 90%. This success was reflected in the excellent Green Infrastructure Program.
  • Flow Ecology Special Study: Completed study that prioritizes streams in south Orange County to address impacts caused by flow alteration brought about by urbanization.
    • Study was led by a team of scientists from the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project (SCCWRP) and hydrologic engineers from Geosyntec Consultants, with nine public workshops.
  • Green Infrastructure Program: Implemented new Water Quality Management Plan (WQMP) template for OCPW projects, and training for staff, to help guide design staff through the process of drafting a project specific WQMP, with a simplified checklist to ensure all critical steps are documented.
    • The integrated checklist also helps provide documentation for projects that do not meet the requirements to develop a WQMP.

  • Over $700 Million: Managed the design and construction of capital improvement and maintenance projects.
  • Yale Navigational Center: Completed construction and received Certificate of Occupancy for homeless facility ($28 million).
  • Osborne Building/District Attorney’s Office: Completed facility and security upgrades to the ($12 million).
  • Public Library Renovation Projects: Completed major renovations of four County public libraries: Cypress Library, El Toro Library, Rancho Santa Margarita Library, and Westminster Library ($9 million).
  • Orangewood Children and Family Center/Social Services Agency: Completed replacements of air conditioning, heating, and roofing ($1.5 million).
  • Health Care Agency Laboratory: Upgraded and completed installation of new testing equipment ($600,000).
  • OC Data Center: Completed installation of the Automatic Transfer Switch ($4.3 million).
  • Probation Facility: Completed the replacement of the chiller tower equipment at its 909 Main St. facility ($1 million).
  • OC Sheriff’s Department/Brad Gates Building: Completed replacement of air conditioning mixing boxes ($1.1 million).
  • John Wayne Airport:
    • Completed the Airport Operations Center ($15M)
    • Completed the terminal building curtain wall modifications ($7M)
    • Completed packages 1 and 2 for rental car space reconfiguration ($932K)
    • Initiated condition assessment and indexing of Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) infrastructure for AiM asset inventory/capital planning
  • County Administration North Building (CAN): Completion of structural elements (final beam installed) and underground parking structure. Overall building completion scheduled for July 2022 ($195M).
  • Probation Multipurpose Rehabilitation Center (MRC) Facility: Significant construction completion. Overall completion scheduled for March 2022 ($25M).
  • OC Zoo Large Mammal Exhibit: Significant construction completion. Overall completion scheduled for March 2022 ($12M).
  • Probation Youth Transition Center: Initiated Programming phase ($70M project cost estimate).
  • OC Health Care Agency (HCA) Campus at El Toro: Initiated Programming phase ($75M project cost estimate).
  • County’s Veteran Cemetery in Gypsum Canyon: Initiated Discovery/Scoping phase (Project cost TBD).

AiM / Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS)

  • Launched new AiM asset management platform, an enterprise business solution that contains a database of usable square footage and capital asset information throughout all County facilities.
  • System includes space planning initiative to track and maximize office and common space usage.
  • Cost Tracking: Migrated open and pending facilities work orders from MaintStar system to AssetWorks CMMS, completed in October 2021. All labor and materials costs for Facilities Maintenance are now being managed in the new system.
  • Work Management: Migrated existing open work orders from the legacy CMMS, Maintstar, to AiM at the same time ReADY, the customer facing Work Request portal, was implemented. Facilitates maintenance now receives all work through AiM where it is scheduled to technicians for completion.

COVID-19 Response

  • Designed and installed clear protective shields at County’s public-facing office locations.
  • Supported HCA in the deployment of mobile hospital units throughout the County.
  • Assessed HVAC systems to ensure adequate fresh air and proper filtration.
  • Completed disinfection of 271 incidents of COVID-19 Countywide since August 2021 (94 incidents completed by OCPW staff).

Facilities Management and Support

  • Transitioned the residents of the Courtyard homeless shelter to the newly constructed Yale Navigation Center.
  • Supported work property conveyance of 401 Civic Center Drive building and Madero Facilities.
  • Provided support for 2021 election, including utilities at Rancho Santa Margarita and El Toro Libraries.
  • 8,634: Work orders processed in 2021:
    • OCPW: 1,505
    • Social Services Agency: 689
    • Health Care Agency: 1,889
    • Probation: 1,330
    • OC Community Resources: 1,102
    • Miscellaneous: 2,119

Central Utility Facility (CUF)

  • Generated approximately:
    • 36,725 megawatt hours (MWH) of electricity
    • 363,258 metric million British Thermal Units (MMBtu) of thermal energy
  • Successfully and safely performed gas turbine engine and reduction gear changeout for GT101 after 30,000 hours of operation.
  • Assisted contractors in electrical, steam, and chilled water connections to the future County Administration North Building.
  • Successfully removed and replaced CUF’s high-pressure condensers that reached the end of operational use.
  • Removed and replaced CUF’s Continuous Emissions Monitoring System to remain in compliance with the South Coast Air Quality Management District.
  • Modified the duct burners for the heat recovery steam generators for more reliability and efficiency.

Facility Needs Assessment (FNA) for Operational Efficiency:

  • Produced data and metrics for an assessment of the entire fleet, including three maintenance facilities, resulting in recommendations regarding program square footage, required service bays, ancillary support space, site access, and vehicle storage for vehicle intake and decommissioning activities.
    • Data to be used by County’s CEO Real Estate to find a suitable site for the prescribed program
    • Data to be basis for bidding the Architect-Engineer services for the design and build phase of project

Coastal Oil Spill Response

  • Provided environmental support for the County’s response to the major oil spill along Orange County’s coast.

Major Projects

  • Capital Improvement Program (CIP): Approval of 7-year CIP valued at $1 billion for flood capital and maintenance, road capital, and maintenance, external road projects, bikeways, parks, and library projects.
  • Westminster-East Garden Grove Flood Risk Management Project: Obtained approval of Assembly Bill (AB) 781 that authorizes subvention fund eligibility for the project.
  • Major Capital Improvement Project Management: Awarded construction contracts for the following projects: 
    • Huntington Beach and Talbert Channels Rehabilitation Project construction contract ($69M)
    • Laguna Canyon Channel Replacement, design services contract
    • Santa Ana- Delhi Channel Improvement, design services contract ($4.7M)
  • Los Patrones Parkway: Completed an independent Traffic Safety Evaluation for Los Patrones Parkway between Oso Parkway to Chiquita Canyon Road and developed mitigation measures.
  • Prado Dam Spillway Raise Project: Submitted $30M in claims eligible for federal reimbursements.
  • Rancho Mission Viejo permits: Reviewed and processed 357 Rancho Mission Viejo and developer permit submittals related to planning, grading, drainage, tract maps, and infrastructure.
  • Plans, Specifications, & Estimates (PS&E): Completed 100 percent PS&Es for:
    • In-house design for the Santa Ana Gardens Bikeway Project (Phases 2, 3, and 4)
    • In-house design for Midway City ADA Annual Upgrade Project
    • In-house design for Hazard Sidewalk Gap Closure Project

Programs and Initiatives

  • Project Delivery Manual (PDM): Completed department’s first PDM and posted internally for staff access.
  • Local Drainage Manual: Updated this critical document and secured Board of Supervisors approval in May 2021.
  • Water Quality Basin Standards: In collaboration with OC Watersheds, completed documented standards and secured Board of Supervisors approval in May 2021.
  • Active Transportation Program (ATP): Completed Needs Assessment and several virtual community workshops for the County’s first ATP.
  • Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) Project Delivery Method: Secured CA State Association of Counties’ support for the extension of the legislative authority to use the CMAR method for OCPW projects.
  • County Property Permits (CPP): Reviewed and approved 964 CPPs related to flood, road, and utility encroachments.
  • Road Fees: Received $1.2M in remitted road fees from participating cities.
  • Lands, Easements, Rights-of-Way, Relocations and Disposal areas (LERRD):
    • Prepared four LERRD claims valued at $50M to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
    • Prepared the first utility LERRD for the Santa Ana River Interceptor Line valued at over $88M

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU): Developed and launched an ADU fee estimator.
Long-Term Routine Maintenance Permitting Program: Received approval of the fiscal year 2021/2022 Annual Work Plan for the Countywide program.
Plan Check Reviews: Achieved a 98.7% response time on 1st plan check reviews, with a turnaround time of less than 15 business days.
OC Traffic Committee: Obtained Committee and Board of Supervisors approval for eight traffic-related measures and established four resolutions.

  • Traffic Studies and Investigations:
    • Completed 274 investigation requests and prepared 69 work orders to implement traffic improvements.
    • Reviewed and provided comments to traffic studies or related documents for six non-County lead projects

Traffic Implementation Manual: Revised manual that establishes the fundamental guidelines for Traffic Impact Studies
for future development projects within County areas.

Coastal Oil Spill Response

  • Moved 30,000 cubic yards of sand at the Santa Ana River Channel outlet.
  • Moved 15,000 cubic yards of sand to established large sand berm at Talbert Channel outlet.
  • Set up and operated equipment to aerate marsh water to protect wildlife and plants.

Post-Fire Debris Flow Emergency Response

  • 27,100: Cubic yards of debris flow material removed from Silverado Fire burn area (12,700 cubic yards from Agua Chinon and 14,400 cubic yards from canyon basins).
  • 1,350: Cubic yards of debris flow material removed from Silverado Canyon Road and drainage areas in Bond Fire burn area.

Maintenance Projects and Initiatives

  • 98 Percent: Rate achieved for mitigating and clearing encampments within 30 days from Orange County Flood Control District right-of-way.
  • 44,400: Cubic yards of trash, debris and sediment removed from County roads, catch basins, flood control channels, and debris booms.
  • 1.2 million: Square feet of graffiti removed from flood control channels and road right-of-way.
  • 100,000: Cubic yards of sand removed from Santa Ana River and various beach outlets as part of our routine maintenance. Sand deposited on nearby beaches as part of replenishment program.
  • 79,500: Square feet of sidewalk repaired.
  • 680,000: Feet of flood control channel cleared.
  • 2,500: Catch basins cleared (minimum of two times each).
  • 10,150: Trees trimmed in County right-of-way areas.
  • Over 10,000: Filled sandbags provided to canyon area residents to protect their properties from storm runoff.
  • 3,580: Service requests processed via the myOCeServices system (January -- early December).
    • Trash/debris removal accounted for 25 percent of requests and information only requests accounted for 4 percent
  • Maintenance Improvement Plan (MIP): Completed repair projects at 14 OC Flood Control District facilities.
  • Canyon Storm Season Roadway Preparations: Completed annual road shoulder grading and sandbag placement along canyon area roadways in advance of annual storm season.
  • Department Operations Center: Activated and responded to emergency rain events three times in December 2021, working in conjunction with County Emergency Operations Center (EOC).
  • 1,253: Homeless encampments addressed.
  • 577: Fencing repairs along County right-of-way due to individuals experiencing homelessness.
  • 722: “No Parking” signs replaced as requested by the City of Dana Point.
  • Over 600: DA1 locks pinned and supplied to various County staff and agencies to replace locks that were stolen, damaged, or vandalized.

Pump Station Maintenance

  • Seal Beach Pump Station: Fabricated and installed new trash racks for flood control debris collection.
  • Haster, South Park, and Rossmoor Pump Stations: Installed new individual cylinder exhaust monitoring system for pump station engines.

Seven Oaks Dam

  • Repaired cone valves to work remotely.
  • Repaired and calibrated telemetry displays to ensure proper operation.
  • Conducted investigation, troubleshooting and repairs to the piezometer equipment in the facility’s tunnel.

Map Check and Right-of-Way Services

  • 695: Completed reviews of subdivisions, records of survey and corner records.
  • 543: Corner record maps filed.
  • 227: Recorded records of surveys.
  • 104: Completed interrogatories (accident investigations to determine if County/unincorporated location).
  • 43: Recorded parcel maps.
  • 38: Recorded tract maps.
  • 23: Filed lot line adjustments.

Geospatial Services

  • Research and development for use of LiDar data on SCE power lines for Prado Basin project.
  • Developed web/mapping applications:
    • Bond Fire emergency response mapping
    • Flood Programs for a presentation to various cities within the county
    • Toll road thoroughfare project and development fees for stakeholders
    • Stenciling and striping web app for OCPW’s Operations & Maintenance to manage maintenance schedules and identify areas of needed maintenance
    • County Water Quality Improvement Plan web mapping in order to set priorities
    • Public education/school outreach web application for “Where does your Stormwater Go?”
    • Debris boom, outlet, and stockpile locations for efficient Operations & Maintenance access
    • Newport coastal watershed drainage delineation
    • CIP projects currently in construction
    • OC Construction’s Job Order Contracts (JOC) field staff to conveniently view project footprints and associated documents
    • Enhanced road index web app to ensure data accuracy within the Maintstar database
    • Enhanced Inspector Viewer application for flood and road maintenance


  • Manage the Data Management System (DMS) for the South Orange County Watershed Management Area (SOCWMA) Integrated Regional Watershed Management (IRWM) plan.
    • DMS portion of the site represents the State-required provision of access to data sets associated with the IRWM plan, including project information, monitoring data, and data associated with various planning documents (e.g. OC SWRP, WQIP)
    • DMS provides public access to IRWM plan information, provides opportunities to interact with documents and resources, and provides the mechanism for establishment and maintenance of the IRWM plan project list

Field Services

  • Over 600: Corner records submitted.
  • 210: Survey requests serviced.
  • 60: Topographic surveys completed.
  • 64: Boundary surveys completed.
  • 33: Construction projects for which staking services were provided.
  • 17: Survey monument preservation projects for which survey services were provided.
  • Incorporated LiDar data into production.
  • Digitized field forms for efficient data transfer.
  • Overhauled corner records workflow to increase efficiency.